The Occupational Health framework and how it can support your staff

Amid ongoing workforce challenges in the NHS, it has never been more important to ensure your colleagues have all the support they need in their workplace. 

The NHS Workforce Alliance can help you source suppliers that will provide a range of support services for your staff via the Occupational Health, Employee Assistance Programmes and Eye Care Services framework

The service, which is free to access for the NHS and wider public sector, is designed to support employee physical and mental health and wellbeing, which can help increase staff retention and ensure your colleagues feel supported in the workplace. 

The pandemic has changed all our lives in so many ways and one of the main areas of concern has been the detrimental impact on health and wellbeing. Our market engagement indicated that NHS workers were expected to be referred to occupational health services as a result of their experiences throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. NHS trusts have adapted to ensure they have the services available to support employees and our framework has been developed to help you.  

Our team of NHS workforce experts carried out extensive engagement with customers and industry stakeholders during the development of the framework to ensure it reflected the diverse needs of our customers. 

Reflecting the needs and accessibility requirements of the modern workforce, the framework includes services such as advice, referrals and treatments, as well as offering innovative and preventative solutions such as psychological screening and health surveillance, for a proactive approach to employee health and wellbeing. 

You can select the services you need to help complement any existing in-house provision, either by offering extra capacity or services that are not available in-house. 

The framework offers flexibility to allow for circumstances in which customers have bespoke delivery or service requirements that are non-standard but fall within the scope of the framework agreement. 

It also includes a lot for occupational health on a regional basis which means you can choose a supplier that is able to provide services in a specific region. 

Occupational Health, Employee Assistance Programmes and Eye Care Services is part of the NHS Workforce Alliance’s Workforce Support group. We’ve selected the best aspects of our existing support frameworks and put them in one place as a joint offer. The package is aimed at providing customers with a route to source additional services in support of health HR and workforce functions. 

The package is comprised of Learning and Training DPS, Permanent Recruitment 2, Management Consultancy (Lot 5 HR Consultancy) and Occupational Health, Employee Assistance Programmes and Eye Care Services

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