Support the NHS People Plan with learning and training

Supporting the NHS People Plan

Supporting the Long Term Plan, the NHS People Plan has been designed to help NHS employers value and retain their employees. The ambition is to make NHS organisations better places to work by being a modern, model employer with a focus on building capabilities and flexible skills.

Learning and Training

Learning and training is important for your workforce’s development. Our solutions can help you to upskill your workforce and, in doing so, support career progression, create flexibility, and boost morale, retention and recruitment. 

We support the People Plan by offering services that can help develop skills and capabilities for the NHS workforce through our Learning and Training Services DPS agreement. 

The agreement was designed to support the NHS in purchasing training and provides quick access to a range of pre-qualified training providers who can offer everything from off the shelf to bespoke training. 

Get in touch

As we enter a new financial year, we can help you maximise your 2022/23 training budget and support the delivery of personal development plans. To learn more about how we can help you support, develop and retain your staff, contact us.

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