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New and existing suppliers have a real opportunity to help NHS Workforce Alliance to support the NHS in addressing the staffing crisis and delivering a sustainable workforce model. An increasing amount of NHS procurement is done through a range of frameworks and pre-tendered contracts. When NHS Workforce Alliance identifies new health workforce related requirements for our NHS members, we follow a formal process. We undertake supplier engagement as early as possible in the procurement process, enabling the market to inform and help shape the development of our framework agreements.

From 1 January 2021 a new e-notification service called Find a Tender (FTS) is being used to post and view public sector procurement notices. There is no longer a requirement to use OJEU/TED. Visit the website to view the full article.

To join as an NHS Workforce Alliance supplier you will need to respond successfully to a contract notice.

Guidance on third party bid management organisations:

Recently we have become aware of the growth in third party organisations offering to write, submit and manage bids for Alliance frameworks. Their target market appears to be predominantly SMEs. We have been contacted by a number of suppliers concerned about the claims being made by some of these organisations in their sales approaches and marketing literature. Therefore, for the avoidance of doubt, the Alliance can confirm the following:

  • Nobody can guarantee bidders a place on an Alliance framework
  • The NHS Workforce Alliance treats all bidders equally and in line with the published procurement procedures for each framework, the Public Procurement Regulations and Public Law
  • The Alliance avoids engaging in framework discussions with either bidders or third parties outside the published processes
  • We have introduced additional questions at qualification stage to identify those bidders using a third party to write, submit or manage their bid
  • Submission of the bid and the content remain the sole responsibility of the original bidder. It is the responsibility of the original bidder to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to minimise the risk of commercial information being compromised, or anti-competitive practice taking place as a result of third parties managing multiple bids
  • If the Alliance is approached by third parties, claiming to act as agents for (or representatives of) bidders for forthcoming frameworks, we will direct them to take part in the same pre-market engagement events as all other bidders, in order to ensure equal treatment
  • Third parties wishing to attend pre-market engagement events, claiming to act as agents for (or representatives of) bidders for forthcoming frameworks, will be required to provide a letter of authority from the bidder concerned, prior to attending
If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Alliance partner.

There are several ways to find opportunities to become an NHS Workforce Alliance supplier

A collaborative partnership

Workforce Alliance has adopted several initiatives to encourage and facilitate SME involvement in our procurements wherever possible. We want to get suppliers best solutions; we encourage innovation and value and not simply lowest cost. As a collaborative partnership, we engage regularly with suppliers to share our expertise. By working with the supply market, we can draw on the collective knowledge and experience, enabling us to drive innovation and maximise potential. There are a number of benefits to becoming a Workforce Alliance supplier including opening your business up to opportunities within the healthcare market and the chance to work with leading public procurement organisations to share best practice and influence the market. Our dedicated teams are on hand to help guide new suppliers through the process and offer support for businesses expressing interest in becoming a Workforce Alliance supplier.
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