Get to Know Dilek Kale, Category Manager at NHS London Procurement Partnership

Clinical and Healthcare Staffing framework webinar for bidders

The Occupational Health framework and how it can support your staff

Six new suppliers join Insourced Services framework

Reducing reliance on off-framework bookings

The importance of the occupational health function to support NHS workforce needs during the winter period

Get to Know Matt Green, Procurement Specialist at East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub

How our Learning and Training DPS can help upskill your employees

NHS England publishes letter on its preparations for potential industrial action

Get to Know Victoria Whimpanny, Marketing Officer at Crown Commercial Service

Non-Clinical Staffing framework ITT

NHS Workforce Alliance: Our Vision and Values

Get to Know Aron Ahluwalia, Category Manager at NHS Commercial Solutions

Engagement sessions for NHS WA Clinical Staffing framework

Planning for winter pressures

Procurement launch: International Recruitment

Helping the NHS meet its ‘bank first’ strategy 

Get to know Wendy Pike, Communications Officer at the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub

Reducing Off Framework Spend in the NHS

Supporting strategies encouraging staff retention

Get to know Michael Pace, Managing Director at NHS London Procurement Partnership

Deadline to submit for NHSEI international recruitment funding

Get to know Andy Rouse, Workforce Senior Category Manager at NHS London Procurement Partnership

How the NHS Workforce Alliance can support NHS organisations with occupational health needs 

Insourced Services suppliers are reducing NHS waiting lists

How the NHS Workforce Alliance can help trusts reduce treatment backlogs

Workforce Recovery – International Recruitment

Get to Know Howard Rolfe, Managing Director, East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub

Non-Clinical Staffing customer and supplier engagement underway

Support the NHS People Plan with learning and training

IR35 webinar – off-payroll working

Next Iteration for Flexible Resource Pool

Create long-term, sustainable improvements to your workforce strategy with the new Workforce Improvement Services framework

Get to Know Mike Heelas, Health and Training Category Lead, Crown Commercial Service

Transforming and growing your substantive workforce

HR Management Consultancy: market engagement best practice

Get to Know Stephen Sercombe, Director of Procurement NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative

Managing and Motivating Contingent Workforce

Qualified training providers can help you tackle skills shortages

The future of NHS human resources and organisational development

Get to Know Helen Lynch, Director of Workforce and Category Development at NHS Commercial Solutions

New Learning and Training Services solution

Introducing Workforce Improvement Services

Additional Funding Available for the Recruitment of Overseas Nurses

Get to Know Sophia Jadir, Marketing Officer at Crown Commercial Service

Suppliers Wanted for Learning and Training DPS

Updated International Recruitment toolkit

Get to Know Stuart Watkins, Customer Engagement Lead at Crown Commercial Service

International Recruitment funding for midwives and hotel quarantine costs

Get to Know Jo Edge, Deputy Head of Marketing at Crown Commercial Service

NHS Workforce Alliance discusses pandemic recovery in National Health Executive

NHS Workforce COVID19 Recovery

Get to Know David Downey, Procurement Specialist at East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub

Helping the NHS workforce recover from the pandemic – NHS Workforce Alliance in Health Business magazine

Get to Know Chris Goody, Head of Workforce at East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub

New Occupational Health, Employee Assistance Programmes and Eye Care Services framework is now live

NHSEI Reducing Off Framework Spend Masterclass

Get to Know Angela Donohue, Senior Category Lead at Crown Commercial Service

IR35: frequently asked questions

Get to Know Stephanie Alexander, Category Manager for Workforce

Supporting the NHS to eliminate off-framework spend and helping build a sustainable workforce for the future

Get to Know Lucy Flint, Strategic Business Manager

Get to Know Alyson Brett, Managing Director of NHS Commercial Solutions

Travel ban rules and new resource for international workforce

Get to Know Jo Barton, Senior Category Manager for the NHS Workforce Alliance

Introducing our Executives

Get to Know Will Laing, Operations Director for the NHS Workforce Alliance

International recruitment campaigns: 5 steps to success

Tackling the potential risks of modern slavery in the health workforce

A streamlined service for the recruitment of all clinical and healthcare staff

International Recruitment: Navigating the Journey

International Recruitment Webinar 2: A Local Perspective

Workforce framework extensions to 2023

NHS Workforce Alliance International Recruitment webinars

Ethical International Recruitment: responding to the NHS People Plan

Building the NHS workforce

Staff Bank rates reduced

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