Managed Staff Banks

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Framework ID: RM6278
Date range:
 21/03/2023 – 20/03/2026
Contract type:

The Managed Staff Banks framework agreement provides managed outsourced staff bank services. Services are aimed towards the NHS but are open to all public sector bodies including central government.

Allows you to outsource the management of your staff bank. There are 2 service models available:

1. outsourcing of any or all elements of the staff bank management except for the employment or engagement of the workers

2. outsourcing of any or all elements of the staff bank management including the employment or engagement of the workers 

A staff bank refers to workers who provide flexible cover and support to permanent staff for planned and unplanned gaps in staffing. You can use the staff bank to help you manage your workforce and maximise shift fill rates.

Services that suppliers can provide as part of a managed staff bank include:

  • internal and external recruitment of bank workers
  • ensuring workers are compliant with NHS employers employment check
  • standards
  • pay rolling the workers
  • performance management services
  • management of the agency cascade where the bank cannot fill a particular requirement

Contracts can be let for any period, but typically will be 3 to 4 years, this will depend on your workforce strategy. Call off contracts will not expire when this agreement ends, but will run their full course.

  • access to an NHS England approved route to market for managed staff banks
  • supports the procurement development programme for the NHS
  • supports the NHS England initiative to reduce the use of agencies and expand the use of staff banks for medical staff
  • end to end planning end-to-end services available from planning to providing a solution that meets your needs
  • the NHS Workforce Alliance conducts audits to ensure all relevant worker compliance checks are conducted
  • provides a mix of experienced suppliers and capable new market entrants 
  • flexible solutions to suit your needs
  • flexible pricing to suit your organisational needs 
  • management information is available so you can detail report spend and market analysis
  • free to use: you don’t need a membership and framework fees are collected from suppliers
  • Lot 1: Managed Staff Banks

*for full access to this framework’s documents, please contact us.

"Our focus is excellent patient care, a happy workforce and an efficient NHS service. Let us help you find the perfect people for your team by gaining access to an easy to use staff bank provision agreement."
Helen Hess
Commercial Agreement Manager

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