Introducing Workforce Improvement Services

The NHS Workforce Alliance is motivated to find the very best solutions for all NHS organisations, which is why we are planning to launch the Workforce Improvement Services (WIS) framework in early 2022. The WIS framework will connect our customers to experienced providers that have the expertise to understand the challenges of NHS staffing and help create and embed the right solutions for your needs.

WIS will offer a range holistic workforce solutions under one contract, taking in to account our customers’ entire workforce model. The framework will offer scalable solutions for Bank, Agency (both clinical and nonclinical), Permanent Recruitment (both clinical and nonclinical) and International Recruitment, as well as the management of these services.

Anticipated customer benefits of the framework include:

  • Access to proven and controlled solutions for addressing workforce issues utilising innovative, accountable partnering solutions
  • Advice on making best/most efficient use of its workforce
  • Support in developing strategies to attract new staff, as well as retain and develop your existing workforce
  • Strategies increase the use of substantive and bank staff, reducing off-framework spend and reliance on agency staff
  • Information on new or replacement technologies, and how these might support workforce improvement

WIS is not just about the here and now – we have leveraged our collaborative relationships with the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England and Improvement and PTOM to ensure that the framework is aligned with the NHS People Plan, the NHS Long Term Plan, the ICS programme of work and more.

WIS also places a particular emphasis on suppliers working with customers to create an exit strategy, ensuring all solutions that have been implemented are sustainable and leave the organisation’s workforce in a better position at the conclusion of the contract.

WIS will be entering the technical evaluation stage shortly, and is due to go live at the end of February 2022. If you are interested in working with the alliance to ensure this framework meets the requirements of your organisation, please consider volunteering to be an evaluator and email:

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