Get to Know Kate Moore, Procurement Specialist at East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub

The ‘Get to Know’ series showcases staff from around the NHS Workforce Alliance to give you a glimpse of the variety of roles in our organisation and the people who perform them.

This month, we’re pleased to introduce Kate Moore, Procurement Specialist at East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub.

What is your background?  

Since qualifying as a Pharmacy Technician in 2003 I have worked within the NHS in varying Pharmacy roles, my most recent position being Pharmacy Procurement and Homecare Lead. Within this role I was mainly focused on being part of a team involved in implementing the Covid-19 vaccination programme within a trust, although extremely challenging the skills I learnt were invaluable.

Despite my love of Pharmacy, in 2022 I made the decision to have a change in career and applied for the role of Workforce Procurement Project Assistant at the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub. Since starting at the hub I have built on my skills and experience and taken on the role of Procurement Specialist within the Workforce team.

What is your role within the NHS Workforce Alliance, and what does it involve? 

As a Procurement Specialist a significant part of my role is focused on providing advice and support to trusts on a range of workforce issues and projects including reducing off-framework spend, PSL management, stakeholder engagement, Insourcing and International Recruitment projects. We have a strong link to the regional ICS groups and contribute to the development of sustainable workforce solutions using the NHS Workforce Alliance frameworks and resources.

Why are you passionate about this? 

My previous roles have always been of a patient-focused clinical nature, my passion for helping people has always driven my career. Although my role as a Procurement Specialist is in no way clinical or patient facing, I am providing continuous support and guidance for my NHS colleagues to enable effective care for patients.  

What is the greatest challenge you face at work? 

I think we are all aware of the challenges and pressures faced by NHS Staff and trusts, as Procurement Specialists within Workforce we are continually balancing expectations and clinical need to support trusts in planning and delivering sustainable services alongside person-centred care.

What was your first job, and how has it impacted your career? 

I got my first job at 13 as a waitress in a busy seaside restaurant, working long shifts gave me a strong work ethic and customer service skills that I have used throughout my career. Following this I worked as an assistant in my local Pharmacy, this sparked my passion for Pharmacy and helping people and led to me having a long career in the NHS.

How would you spend a perfect day off?  

My perfect day off would start with a lay in, brunch then a long walk at the beach with my children (where they wouldn’t moan about walking). Then, I’d have dinner and drinks with friends at my favourite restaurant on the Norfolk coast.

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