Get to Know Frankie Mortimore, NHS Workforce Alliance Marketing & Communications Officer

Frankie MortimoreThe ‘Get to Know’ series showcases staff from around the NHS Workforce Alliance to give you a glimpse of the variety of roles in our organisation and the people who perform them.

This month, we’re pleased to introduce Frankie Mortimore, our new NHS Workforce Alliance Marketing & Communications Officer.

What is your background? 

I have been in marketing and communications for over 25 years – starting my career in 1990s when online marketing was not even a reality. Back then, customer communications were focused on printed direct mail which in hindsight was not great from a sustainability point of view. I’m pleased to have witnessed the transition to digital marketing which has many more advantages.

Throughout my career, I’ve held positions in a wide range of organisations, in both the private and public sectors. My roles have covered virtually every aspect of marketing and communications, from traditional printed materials and advertising to digital channels such as email marketing and social media. More recently, I managed my own website design agency for 10 years.

What is your role within the NHS Workforce Alliance and what does it involve?

I’m the Marketing and Communications Officer, focused entirely on the NHS Workforce Alliance. I collaborate closely with the communication leads and other Alliance team members from all five partner organisations.

Why are you passionate about this?

I was excited to join the NHS. Working within a team of experts whose goal is to save the NHS money is an excellent reason to come to work each morning.

What is the greatest challenge you face at work?

This is my first position within the NHS which is giving me a privileged insight into its inner workings and intricate operations. It’s a challenge to understand how it all fits together. I’m still in that discovery phase but I’m very much enjoying finding out.

Juggling the deadlines of marketing and communications is another challenge, but one of my strengths is my organisational skills – no doubt refined and perfected from being the mother of twins.

What was your first job and how has it impacted your career?

My first job was an accountancy position, but it didn’t take long for me to realise that I have a stronger preference towards words and visuals rather than numbers.

My first marketing role was in the communications team at Orange shortly after it launched. The core philosophy of Orange revolved around simplifying mobile phone plans which were complex in the early days of mobile technology. Orange aimed to make mobiles accessible to everyone, and a crucial aspect of this was adopting a straightforward and clear communication strategy. I’ve used skills learnt in those early days throughout my career and they are proving particularly valuable in this role.

How would you spend a perfect day off?

My perfect day would kick off with an invigorating run or long walk with my gorgeous German shepherd. As I have a passion for travel, I would likely choose a destination such as picturesque Italy in late summer so I could follow my walk or run sitting in the warm sunshine with amazing food and wine overlooking the breathtaking Tuscan countryside.

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