Get to Know Angela Donohue, Senior Category Lead at Crown Commercial Service

The ‘Get to Know’ series showcases staff from around the NHS Workforce Alliance to give you a glimpse of the variety of roles in our organisation, and the people who perform them.

This month, we’re pleased to introduce Angela Donohue. Find out more about Angela’s background, role, and interests.

Q: What is your role within the NHS Workforce Alliance, and what does it involve?


I am a member of the NHS Workforce Alliance Management Board and I take a lead for the procurement function. This includes working on market strategies, procurements, supplier relationship management and framework management.

It is an interesting role that keeps me very busy and brings me into contact with staff from all levels and all partners across the NHS Workforce Alliance.

Q: Why are you passionate about this?

I have been involved in the NHS Workforce Alliance from the very beginning, so it is really rewarding for me to see the fruition of that journey.

Now we are able to have some strategic conversations about our customers and shaping the workforce market for the benefit of the NHS, as we have the market share and networks to be able to deliver that change collectively.

Q: What is the greatest challenge you face at work?

Easy question for me, time! Time management, fitting everything in and making the most efficient use of our teams across all five partners.

This is getting better as we work more collaboratively, and we do regularly support each other for help and resources when there’s an urgent need; more planning and input from the Management Board in 2021/22 will also help us be more efficient.

Q: What was your first job?

My first job was in a pharmacy when I was about 15. I remember spending all my meagre Saturday morning wages on hair accessories and cheap make up – I’ve grown out of the hair accessories. 

Q: Can you tell us something surprising about yourself?

I’m a trained yoga teacher. I completed the course many years ago and then went on to have twins, which somewhat dampened my plans to add part-time yoga teacher to my resume.

I do, with limited success, try to teach my daughters yoga to keep my hand in, any requests for online yoga classes will be considered.


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