The future of NHS human resources and organisational development

Our NHS workforce is as diverse as the communities we represent. Over the last decade, the growth of the workforce has not kept up with the increasing demands of the NHS. With increasing competition for workforce and the demands the pandemic has placed on every area of our health service, the way in which we recruit and retain staff must evolve to meet our changing world.

The recently published report ‘The Future of NHS Human Resources and Organisational Development’ outlines the vision for 2030 and the pillars of the NHS People Plan.

Andrew Mumby, Director of Workforce NHS LPP – part of the NHS Workforce Alliance, said: “This report brings into clear focus the key themes of what NHS organisations across the country need to achieve in order to continue to deliver a resilient, flexible and sustainable service in the years to come and to meet the needs of staff, patients and local communities. In particular, the report shines the light on the importance and growing evidence of links between staff wellbeing, care quality and retention – which is something the NHS Workforce Alliance can support you with.”

Nobody is better placed to help you meet the challenges of NHS staffing than the NHS Workforce Alliance. We can support you to build a resilient, flexible and sustainable workforce. We offer a personalised service and bespoke solutions from our team of health workforce experts.

The report sets out a vision for 2030 which includes eight key themes identified as areas of focus, including harnessing the talents of all our people. The NHS Workforce Alliance can help to develop these key themes in your own organisation through our portfolio of agreements and our team working collaboratively with yours.

Our portfolio of frameworks ranges from supporting you with recruitment of non-clinical personnel, a robust NHSEI approved route for international recruitment and an insourcing solution to support you bring down the backlog created by COVID-19. If you are looking for a way to prioritise the health and wellbeing of your workforce, our Workforce Support portfolio can be utilised to provide a range of service including occupational health and employee assistance. We can also help you to find support and development opportunities through our recently launched Learning and Training Services DPS. We know how important finding the right people and solutions is for you, once we understand your needs, we can work closely with you to find the right solution.

Sarah Morgan, Director of the SEL ICS Workforce Programme and Director of Organisational Development at Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We know the world of work is changing. NHS organisations need to work on the key themes highlighted in this report and, as part of this, understand how technological advancements play a big role in the way teams work together to deliver care.  

“Collaboration between HR and Organisational Development teams with our clinical and care professionals will be instrumental to transform not only the workforce of tomorrow but support the workforce of today to have a much better experience of work.”

Andrew added: “As the NHS Workforce Alliance, we welcome this report and look forward to working together across all aspects of the report to turn the vision into a reality and ensure a world class function supporting our workforce, patients and communities.”

For any questions or to find out more about how the NHS Workforce Alliance can support, please contact the team here.

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