Workforce Improvement Services

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Framework ID: RM6163
Date range:
31/03/2022 – 30/03/2024 (option to extend 2×12 months)
Contract type:

The Workforce Improvement Services framework seeks to connect customers with experienced, informed workforce partners with the expertise to understand the challenges of NHS staffing, and help create and embed the right solutions for your organisation.

The Workforce Improvement Services (WIS) framework provides our customers with the ability to contract multiple workforce solutions under a single contract, managed strategically and sympathetically to each other to deliver best outcomes.

Workforce solutions covered by WIS include

  • Temporary and permanent clinical staffing
  • International recruitment
  • Bank staff recruitment and management 
  • Non-clinical recruitment

WIS also places a strong emphasis on upskilling trust staff, knowledge transfer and exit planning, ensuring long-term, sustainable improvements.

  • Provision of scalable solutions, from smaller focused commissioned services up to management of entire workforce solutions for trusts or groups of trusts such as ICS footprints
  • Ability to deliver an entire range of workforce solutions via one overarching contract, with accompanying KPIs, contractual requirements and expectations
  • Development and upskilling of customers’ systems, staff and workforce departments to ensure long-term and sustainable improvements
  • Alignment with current policies and strategies including the NHS People Plan, the PTOM programme, the NHS Long Term Plan and the NHS ICS programme of work
  • Support in reducing reliance on temporary staff, instead focusing on permanent recruitment and staff retention 

*for full access to this framework’s documents, please contact us.

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