Permanent Recruitment 2


Framework ID: RM6229
Date range:
29/03/2022 – 28/03/2026
Contract type:

We’re committed to helping future-proof the NHS and build talent and resources for the long term.

The NHS and wider public sector organisations require recruitment services to plug gaps in service provision. NHS Workforce Alliance’s Permanent Recruitment 2 framework offers UK coverage for the recruitment of permanent and fixed term appointments, and secondments.

Through the NHS Workforce Alliance, you can access a compliant route for permanent roles via recruitment agencies for individual candidate placements for clinical and non-clinical roles, and access to all services in a modular format if that suits your requirements.

Core services include: 

  • Search services to find applicants
  • Evaluation of applicants
  • Appointment of an applicant to the role

Non-core services include: 

  • Strategy and planning services to help you plan for recruitment gaps and to ensure your organisation has the right people with the right skills
  • Talent development services to help you develop a talent pool of potential applicants with the needed skill sets.
  • Dedicated supplier management from NHS Workforce Alliance and KPIs at framework and call-off level
  • Flexibility for hiring managers and departments to choose how and who they engage with from the supplier list
  • Access to capable suppliers leading to increased fill rates and avoidance of repeated campaign costs
  • Suppliers are required to develop Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to ensure contracting authorities are attractive to the candidate market
  • Direct award and further competition options available
  • No hidden costs: methods of attracting candidates, such as social media, digital campaigns, and job boards are included in the cost of the service
  • Lot 1: Clinical General Recruitment
  • Lot 2:  Non Clinical General Recruitment (launch date TBC 2022)

*for full access to this framework’s documents, please contact us.

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