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Alliance Regional Nursing Forum – East of England

Trust colleagues from across the East of England have been invited to the NHS Workforce Alliance Regional Nursing Forum, which is taking place in Cambridge next month. The event is being hosted by the Alliance’s Workforce team at the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub (EOECPH) on Thursday 25 April.

As well as discussions, workshop sessions and the opportunity to network, attendees will hear from NHS England about their national work on the Temporary Staffing Efficiency Programme and how this applies to the region.

The forum will give trusts an opportunity to discuss nursing agency usage and develop a collaborative regional strategy for removing off-framework and over price- cap spend.

A workshop session, for generating ideas on how to collaborate effectively to implement a regional or system-led rate card, is included on the agenda.  The aim is to create a rate card to meet regional demands whilst also being applicable and realistic for individual trusts.

In addition to collaborative discussions on these challenging, topical issues in NHS Workforce, the forum will provide the chance to meet and network with colleagues over lunch.

If you feel you would benefit from attending or would like to contribute to this forum, please contact

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