Crown Commercial Service and NHS Procurement in Partnership are working together to deliver health workforce services as the NHS Workforce Alliance

What we do

The NHS Workforce Alliance provides the NHS with compliant and straightforward routes to market, as well as expert category advice and support, to enable you to create and maintain a sustainable workforce.

What to do


Explore our NHS approved recruitment frameworks and find a suitable solution


Contact us using our simple online form and our expert team will get in touch


Access NHS Workforce Alliance services for clinical and non-clinical staffing

Are you a business looking to supply the NHS with a skilled and talented workforce?

Suppliers have the opportunity to help the NHS Workforce Alliance to support the NHS in addressing the staffing crisis and delivering a sustainable workforce model

Why work with us

With our established reputation and expertise across the portfolio we can influence the market, streamline the offer and ensure customers and suppliers have confidence in the service we deliver.

Looking for an NHS recruitment solution that's right for you?

Learn about our recruitment frameworks and explore how the NHS Workforce Alliance can help your organisation.
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