People procurement without the sales pitch

Nobody is better placed to help you meet the challenges of NHS staffing. As a team of health workforce experts, we are motivated by a genuine desire to make the NHS better. You can trust us to act in the best interests of the NHS – always putting patient care first.

What to do

How we help

The very best value for the NHS

Helping you achieve savings is an important part of what we do, because all the savings we help you make are invested straight back into the NHS.

In 2020/21, we supported £1.3 billion of agency, bank and international recruitment spend, and helped the NHS save over £10 million.

Confidence built in

When you choose to work with us, we want you to feel confident at every stage of the process. That’s why we put such an importance on quality.

From the highest level of compliance to meticulous ethical practices, everything we do is designed with your confidence in mind. 

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